How WGU Serves the Active-Duty Military Student

WGU is a great university for the active-duty service member who wants to earn a degree and benefit from the flexibility of online learning. Our competency-based online degree programs allow you to benefit from your existing knowledge. Our mentors and staff provide continuous support to help you make progress at your own pace. And our policies are "military friendly."

At the same time, however, it’s important to understand when WGU is not the right choice. Our programs are designed to serve the degree-seeking student, not someone who is just looking to complete a few courses. If you think you may want to complete a degree program at WGU—perhaps even one started somewhere else—we may be a great fit. However, if you are looking for just individual courses, you will be better served at another online or traditional university.

Flat-rate and per-competency unit options for students using tuition assistance

WGU normally serves full-time students. However, we also offer a part-time per-competency unit option for service members who are using military tuition assistance. (This option is not available to regular WGU students or to veterans using benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill®.)

  • Full-time flat-rate option: The Degree Plan for a normal full-time student typically assumes the student will complete 12 to 13 competency units (CUs; credit equivalents) per six-month term. The student may actually complete more CUs than are included in the plan if the student is able to progress faster. Many do complete more. The flat-rate tuition option for students in a graduate program requires a minimum of 8 CUs.
  • Military part-time option: Under this option, the Degree Plan of a part-time student will be scheduled for a specific number of competency units per six-month term. The allowed range is 5 to 8 CUs per term for undergraduate programs (4 to 7 for graduate programs). The specific number of CUs will depend upon the Course of Study for a particular program and the student’s own situation. The student will not be allowed to continue on beyond the allotted CUs until the next term, even if the student completes the required assessments early in the term.

Note: Some programs are designed with integrated content and assessments that necessitate the student be enrolled full-time for at least one term. (Contact your Military Education Officer for details.)

Programs offered with the part-time option
View the list of online programs currently available with a part-time option for active-duty service members.

Tuition and Fees
Find out about tuition and fees for military students.

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