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Answering Your Questions About Tuition

Tuition and fees

Q: When does my term begin?

New terms usually begin on the first day of each month. After your acceptance, WGU Missouri will conduct an Intake Interview—generally by the 15th of the month before your program start date. You must also plan to provide your first term’s payment, either through self-pay or financial aid. Payment is due by the 22nd of your program’s start date. For more information, contact an Enrollment Counselor.

Q. If I withdraw, will WGU Missouri refund my tuition?

WGU students may receive a prorated tuition refund if they withdraw before the 60 percent point of their six-month term. Refunds are non-applicable beyond this point.

Note: The Application Fee is refundable if the applicant terminates the admission process by notifying the Enrollment or Admissions Department within three business days of paying the application fee. The Resource Fee is billed at the beginning of each term and is refundable if the student terminates enrollment within three business days of the start of the term. After three business days, these fees are non-refundable.

Q: Am I eligible for financial aid?

The majority of WGU Missouri students are eligible for some type of financial aid. Eligible students must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess U.S. citizenship or non-citizenship with a valid Social Security Number
  • Possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • Possess a clean record, i.e., you may not owe grant overpayment funds or possess a student loan default status
  • Be registered with the Selective Service if you are a male.
  • Be enrolled or enrolling in an eligible WGU program as a full-time student.

Your financial aid disbursal amount is based on:

  • Your FAFSA results.
  • The amount of financial aid available.
  • Distribution formulas based on university, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Other college, university, state, and federal criteria.

Q: How is my qualifying aid amount calculated?

Your financial aid amount is based on education costs, including tuition, fees, books and supplies, technology, qualified travel, room and board, and other expenses. The following formula is used to calculate your need:

Financial Need = Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution

WGU Missouri’s estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) includes tuition and typical cost of books or other materials, travel, technology, and other expenses. The expected family contribution (EFC) is determined by the FAFSA process. The lower your EFC, the more aid you are likely to receive.

Q: When will I receive my award letter?

Your award letter outlines your eligible loans and grants. You will receive an emailed copy from the WGU Missouri Financial Aid Office within two to four weeks of submitting your financial aid application. WGU Missouri will disburse your aid and "draw down" the available funds for tuition and fees within four to six weeks after your program start date. Any excess funds are paid directly to you for books, supplies, computer technology, and other expenses. If your aid does not cover your expenses entirely, the Bursar will notify you.

Q: Will I be required to begin repaying my loans if I take time off from my studies?

WGU Missouri allows their students to take up to five months at the end of any six-month term by submitting a written request. During this period, your six month grace period will begin, during which you will not be required to repay your loans. If you re-enroll within 180 days, your one-time six-month grace period will be reinstated. You may start a new term on the first day of any month.

Q: What’s the difference between independent and dependent students?

A dependent student is required to submit parental information on the FAFSA. Independent students may rely solely on their own information.

Q: What if I lose my job or incur major medical expenses? Will my financial aid amount increase?

You may be able to appeal your award if you have special circumstances. These cases are reviewed by a professional WGU Missouri loan counselor. All appeals must be fully documented and meet federal audit requirements. Approval may imply a change in the type of funds awarded rather than increase your aid amount. Contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@wgu.edu for more information.

Q: What is considered "satisfactory" academic progress?

Satisfactory academic progress is a requirement defined by the federal government. In order to remain eligible for financial aid, you must seek your degree at an acceptable rate of progress. This progress is monitored by your WGU Missouri mentor, who will assess your completed Competency Units (CUs) and oversee your overall advancement. This progress report will be conducted every six months in addition to routine advising and monitoring. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in the More Information about Financial Aid section of the website.

Q: What if I decide to stop studying at WGU Missouri?

When you withdraw from WGU Missouri or drop below full-time status, you may be required to repay part of a Pell Grant received. See the Return of Title IV Funds policy for more information. If your tuition was paid with student loans, your six-month grace period will begin, similarly to those who graduate. You must begin repaying your loans at the end of this period. Note: If your student loans are unsubsidized, additional interest will accrue during your grace period.

In special cases, you may qualify for a student loan deferment or forbearance period. A deferment allows you to temporarily postpone payments if you suffer from financial hardship or unemployment or wish to return to school. If you are ineligible for deferment, you may qualify for a forbearance, which allows you to postpone or reduce your monthly payments.

Q: How are scholarship recipients chosen?

Your eligibility for each scholarship depends on their specifications. In general, we award scholarships based on the following factors:

  • The basic requirements
  • Your scholarship application information and answers
  • An interview with a scholarship counselor

Note: Some scholarships are also based on transcript reviews and other tests. We encourage you to apply.

Q: When will I be notified of my scholarship awards?

WGU Missouri evaluates scholarship applications on a continual basis as they are enrolled each month. Students are usually notified within two to four weeks of your application submission. In many cases, you must first be accepted into the university. Contact an Enrollment Counselor for more information.

Q: Do I receive my scholarship disbursement in its entirety?

No. Scholarship awards are divided into equal amounts per term. These amounts are credited to your tuition cost. Each scholarship description provides additional information.

Q: Can I apply for financial aid in addition to scholarships?

Yes. WGU Missouri encourages students to apply for federal financial aid. Scholarships may only cover a portion of your school expenses, and financial aid can help pay for the rest. Applying for financial aid will not affect your scholarship eligibility. Click here to learn more.

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