MS Management and Leadership Areas of Study

The Master of Science, Management and Leadership degree program focuses on management and leadership skills that can be applied to multiple settings, including business, government, non-profit, or education. The program prepares you with knowledge and skills to lead through collaboration, team building, interpersonal communication and virtual environments. You will learn applicable leadership skills to foster creativity, innovation and change. The program includes topics such as organizational planning, leadership, conflict resolution and negotiation, communication and other management skills. You will enhance your ability to manage in a dynamic business environment that promotes growth, creativity and innovation. You will demonstrate the essential leadership practices of inspiring a vision, encouraging others to act, data-driven strategic planning, ethical reasoning, negotiation, critical thinking, and complex problem solving, which are all necessary to be successful leaders.

Managing Organizations and Leading People

This course covers principles of effective management and leadership that maximize organizational performance. The following topics are included: the role and functions of a manager, analysis of personal leadership styles, approaches to self-awareness and self-assessment, and application of foundational leadership and decision-making skills.

Business Acumen

This course introduces you to the operation of the business enterprise and the role of management in directing its activities. It examines the roles of management in the context of business functions such as marketing, operations, accounting, finance, and others.

Managing Human Capital

This course focuses on strategies and tools that managers use to maximize employee contribution and create organizational excellence. You will learn talent management strategies to motivate and develop employees as well as best practices to manage performance for added value.

Becoming an Effective Leader

This course explores major theories and approaches to leadership, leadership style evaluation, and personal leadership development while focusing on motivation, development, and achievement of others. You will learn how to influence followers, manage organizational culture and enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

Management Communication

This course prepares you for the communication challenges in organizations. Topics examined include: theories and strategies of communication, persuasion, and ethics that enhance communication to various audiences.

Leading Teams

This course helps you establish team objectives, align the team purpose with organizational goals, build credibility and trust, and develop the talents of individuals to enhance team performance.

Ethical Leadership

This course examines the ethical issues and dilemmas managers face. This course provides a framework for analysis of management-related ethical issues and decision-making action required for satisfactory resolution of these issues.

Data-Driven Decision Making

This course presents critical problem-solving methodologies, including field research and data collection methods that enhance organizational performance. Topics include quantitative analysis, statistical and quality tools. You will improve your ability to use data to make informed decisions.

Change Management and Innovation

This course provides an overview of change theories and innovation practices. This course will emphasize the role of leadership in influencing and managing change in response to challenges and opportunities facing organizations.

Strategic Management

This course focuses on models and practices of strategic management, including developing and implementing a strategy and evaluating performance to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

Capstone Project

This course is the culminating assessment of the Master of Science, Management and Leadership curriculum and requires you to synthesize core knowledge from across the degree program and apply research skills in order to improve an organization. You will be asked to work with a real-world organization to address a management or leadership challenge.

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