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Job growth varies. Where is your job on the 2017 list of highest paying positions?

Monica Hursman is living proof of the power of higher education. Despite life’s challenges, she’s finding new pathways to workplace success—and she’s only halfway through her WGU Missouri degree program! Monica is a mother to two teens—one with autism—in Higginsville, Missouri, and, at age 40, she is re-inventing herself with

Student Profile: Albert Owonubi Albert Owonubi came from Nigeria to the U.S. as a teenager for an education, but it wasn’t until he was well into his career that he found the university that could help him fulfill his dreams: WGU Missouri. Albert completed community college in Arkansas and transferred

So you have an idea that you think is the next big thing? You have a great skill that you’re certain will fill a need in the marketplace? Or you just dream of one day being in business for yourself? You’re on your way to being an entrepreneur. But what’s

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