WGU Missouri Nominated as a Finalist for Area Education Award

Arcus For the third year in a row, WGU Missouri has been nominated as a finalist for the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce’s Arcus Award for Educational Attainment.

The Arcus Awards are presented to institutions that “make the St. Louis region the best place to live, work and invest.” The Educational Attainment Award is given to an organization or initiative that promotes college degree attainment, improved educational outcomes or on-the-job training.

We think WGU Missouri is a great fit for the award, as our mission is to provide degree programs that work well for busy adults and give them the credentials they need to contribute more in the workforce. We’re especially focused on helping the 750,000 Missouri adults who have some college credits but no degree.

WGU Missouri’s contribution to the state’s higher education landscape is filling a great demand. WGU Missouri has over 2,400 current students and more than 1,200 alumni. 75% of our current students are underserved — either low-income, minority, rural or first-generation college-goers. Furthermore, we have awarded over $742,000 in scholarship to deserving Missourians who wish to obtain their degree.

In addition to the Educational Attainment award, WGU Missouri is eligible for the Arcus People’s Choice Award, and we’d appreciate your help in competing for it. The winner is determined by popular vote, and we know we have many supporters in Missouri.

You can vote here for WGU Missouri in the People’s Choice Award. It takes only a minute, and there’s no need to enter any personal information. We appreciate your support!

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