Happy Anniversary!

By Dr. Angie Besendorfer,

WGU Missouri is celebrating the second anniversary of the opening of our office in Missouri!

While Governor Nixon officially announced the creation of WGU Missouri in February 2013, it took a little time to get things rolling. We officially “set up camp” in September 2013 in our current office building.

In the beginning, there were only two people who actually came to work in the office each day. A group of mentors convened in our new space for their first training as WGU employees, which kept the office lively for the first few weeks. After that, it was pretty quiet around the office. Fast-forward to fall of 2015 and the office is now at capacity with new faces. The WGU Missouri office is now home to a team of enrollment counselors, a community relations manager, public relations manager, IT technician, and office manager. The office staff contributes to the total of 102 Missourians who work for WGU across our great state.

The WGU Missouri office is in Clayton, Missouri. The office is on the fourth floor of the Business Bank Building at 8000 Maryland Avenue. We love the Clayton location and enjoy the area shops and restaurants when we can. Please stop by any time! We love visitors, and if you are a WGU student or alum we won't let you leave without some great WGU Missouri goodies.

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