Student Spotlight: Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis Meet WGU Missouri student, Sarah Davis. Sarah is a working mom who is making her dream come true by getting her college degree. An obituary editor and classified advertising assistant at St. Joseph News Press, Sarah is the perfect example of how WGU Missouri improves lives.

For Sarah, WGU Missouri is more than a school — it has changed her life. Sarah is so passionate about WGU that she recently testified in front of the Missouri Senate Education Committee and the Missouri House Education Committee about how WGU makes college accessible to Missourians who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Sarah’s testimony explained how WGU’s affordability made the difference for her since she and her husband, who works for the State of Missouri, both work full time with good jobs but together have a household income of just $36,000. She explained that her Pell grant pays 90% of her tuition and her church pays the other 10%. Truly, without WGU’s affordable cost, she wouldn’t be able to earn a college degree and give her family a better life.

She also testified about her experience with applying to a brick and mortar school and how, after a lengthy wait, she learned that they wouldn’t accept her transfer associate’s degree credits. Not that it mattered — the cost of tuition was too much for her anyway. Sarah shared how, a few months later, she happened upon WGU Missouri on Facebook and within six weeks had started her first term.

Sarah said she will never forget her experience at the capitol. “I never would have gotten to experience this without WGU,” she said. “It has encouraged me to be the person I want to see in the world.”

Besides the affordability of WGU, Sarah chose WGU because it allows her to get an education while working and without missing out on any time with her family. “WGU Missouri allows me to get my degree on my time, my way,” said Sarah. “WGU makes it easy. Family, work, school — I don’t have to miss out on anything.”

Sarah is excited about earning her degree and what it will mean for her life. “A higher education will allow me to advance in my field and increase my earnings potential,” she said. “I’ve got babies to feed!”

She says her education is already increasing her knowledge of marketing and business management. “I am able to understand all the fancy stuff in meetings at work and contribute thoughtful, knowledgeable answers to the conversations,” she explained.

“I feel so lucky,” said Sarah. “I’m able to get a super-great, affordable education without having to miss out on anything with my family. I can work, volunteer at the kids’ school, coach soccer, take a vacation anytime, and know that WGU Missouri is right there with me. And I know I have the support to learn in the ways that are best for me. This is truly MY education!”

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