No More College Graduation Envy

WGU Missouri Online University Graduates

By Angie Besendorfer, Ph.D.
Chancellor, WGU Missouri

May is an exciting time for the many new college graduates who proudly walk across a stage to grasp a diploma in their hand. Do you ever find yourself envisioning yourself in cap and gown, wishing you could do the same?

The truth is, while it takes a lot of effort to earn a diploma, most of the reasons frequently cited for not pursuing your degree are no longer valid. Times are changing and going back to school isn’t the disruptive event it used to be. So stop being envious and start your path to success.

If you’re a busy Missourian looking for a nontraditional, flexible school to restart your college career, the first place you should look is the accredited university with an amazingly affordable and potentially accelerated online path to earning your degree: WGU Missouri. WGU Missouri is not the school you tried and didn’t complete. Instead, it is a university that is invested in you!

  • No waiting
    • You can start at the beginning of any month.
    • You set the pace instead of the professor.
    • You prove what you already know so you can spend your time focused on what you need to learn.
  • Affordable
    • It only costs about $6,000 a year, including textbooks.
    • You earn as many credits as you can for a flat rate.  
  • High-quality
    • Programs are accredited at the highest levels.
    • You’re provided access to the best learning resources.
    • Full-time faculty are ready to help you when you need it, including a personal mentor who’s with you from enrollment through graduation.
    • You’ll earn a degree that employers recognize as high-quality (97% say WGU graduates are as good as or better than those with degrees from other universities).
  • And … we’re enrolling students today!

Now is your time. You can achieve the degree you have always dreamed about and get the success that comes with it.

A recent Harris Interactive survey found that, on average, alumni who graduated from WGU from 2010–2012 reported earning $9,000 more annually within one to three years after getting their degree, and 2006–2009 grads averaged $18,000 more annually within four to six years. And research shows that children of parents who have a degree are more likely to earn a degree.

The time is now. Give up those tired excuses and start the journey to your graduation today.

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