Giving Thanks for Education at WGU Missouri


Is there anything better than a holiday centered on gravy and gratitude? This week, most of us will be gathering with family and friends and giving thanks for the good things in our lives.

We at WGU Missouri have a lot to be thankful for, in particular the warm reception we’ve had in Missouri and the enthusiasm of hardworking adults who would like nothing better than to complete their degree.

Our WGU students have many wonderful aspects of their lives to be thankful for – but a college education is high on the list.

On Facebook, WGU students and grads told us,
“Thanks to my education…”

… I don’t just have a job. I have a career I'm passionate about.”

“… I can provide a better life for my children than I had, and give them someone to look up to about furthering your education.”

“… I have a pay raise and seriously increased job security due to more versatility. I'm being asked to help design a new alternative education program in only my second year full time.”

“… I have a job that I truly look forward to every day, and that gives me the flexibility I need to keep traveling all over the world. Plus, I got the fancy letters behind my name to start getting published.”

“… I am an expert at self-discipline and self-motivation!”

“… I can serve the children in our schools and give them the best opportunity at their own successes.”

This Thanksgiving, take a break from schoolwork (check out our holiday tips for school/life balance if you need help), enjoy some delicious turkey and lively conversation, and have a very happy holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from WGU Missouri!

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