Education Pays Off for State Employee

Monica Hursman is living proof of the power of higher education. Despite life’s challenges, she’s finding new pathways to workplace success—and she’s only halfway through her WGU Missouri degree program!

Monica is a mother to two teens—one with autism—in Higginsville, Missouri, and, at age 40, she is re-inventing herself with a bachelor’s degree from WGU Missouri. Monica had started college straight out of high school, but she lost focus and dropped out her sophomore year. She got married, thinking she’d go back to school soon, but life threw more challenges at her and a return to college looked more and more impossible.

Monica got a job as a custodian with the Missouri Department of Mental Health once her children were old enough for her to be away from home. At that point Monica was divorced and needed to earn money to help support her kids. The custodial job offered the most convenient schedule she could get without having a college degree.

After seeing a commercial for a new university, WGU Missouri, on TV, Monica decided it was time to invest in herself and find new opportunities. She enrolled in the B.S. Business Management program and soon landed an office support position. Recently, she was promoted again to a time-keeping position.

“Education really pays off; I’ve already seen benefits,” Monica says. “I couldn’t have gotten my current positions if I hadn’t had the college credits from WGU Missouri. And that was really motivating.”

Monica says the support she’s received from her WGU Missouri faculty mentor has been “fantastic,” and her coursework has been interesting and engaging. But without WGU Missouri’s flexibility and affordability, Monica says, her return to college may not have been possible.

Monica is now more than halfway through her degree program, remarried, and her teenage children are supportive of her ongoing studies. Monica says she expects even more career opportunities to open up once her diploma is in hand.

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