Commencement Countdown Meet Dina Schoenfeld, a special education teacher in Gasconade County and the WGU Missouri 2016 Commencement National Anthem singer. Dina is a hard-working woman who is dedicated to earning her bachelor’s degree in special education while continuing to work and take care of her family. While speaking about

I never thought I’d get a master’s degree. It seemed like an impossible hill to climb; with work, family and volunteer commitments I couldn’t imagine how anyone ever made the time or found the money do something so expensive, so time-consuming…so “selfish.” And what would I do with the degree

As we wrap up national nurse appreciation week, here are 10 success tips from veteran nurses in Missouri. 1. Manage your stress. Everyone has stress in their life, but it is something that should be managed. As caregivers, we’re particularly susceptible. Make time to socialize, engage in leisure activities and

What do you look for in a nurse? The natural gifts and talents to provide compassionate care and exceptional service. Knowledge and skills are critical, but a servant heart is non-negotiable. What about WGU’s programs better prepares students for the workforce? Because the format widens the net to those who

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