Just four short years ago, Governor Jay Nixon announced the creation of the state affiliate WGU Missouri. At the time, there were 455 Missourians attending Western Governors University. Four years later, a lot has changed. Enrollment in WGU Missouri has grown from 987 students to over 2,400. The total number

For the third year in a row, WGU Missouri has been nominated as a finalist for the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce’s Arcus Award for Educational Attainment . The Arcus Awards are presented to institutions that “make the St. Louis region the best place to live, work and invest.” The

Everyone has a dream. Some dreams, such as those held by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, are widely known and have had a lasting impact on the world. “Martin Luther King, Jr. took hold of the freedoms promised by our nation’s founding fathers and developed his dream. By taking action

Advocates for WGU Missouri recently visited the State Capitol to share their stories with lawmakers. Sixty-two students and alumni, along with many WGU Missouri staff and faculty, gathered at the Capitol on January 24 to speak with legislators about the benefits of WGU Missouri’s unique model. They sat down in

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