Did you know that women hold less than 25 percent of science and technology jobs in the U.S.? That means women are disproportionately missing out on some valuable opportunities. Women in STEM jobs (science, technology, engineering, and math) make, on average, 33 percent more than those in other fields. WGU

In celebration of National Working Parents Day, we spoke with one of WGU Missouri’s Enrollment Counselor Managers, Yolanda Moore. Yolanda is a wife and mother of four fantastic girls ages 21, 12, 11, 8. She moved to Missouri in 1997 from her hometown of Magnolia, Arkansas. During her first year

With many of our American athletes bringing home the Gold during the 2016 Olympics, it’s easy to be envious of their achievements. But, it’s important to know that working toward a college degree can be just as challenging and rewarding. Check out these tips designed to help you stay on

By Dr. Angie Besendorfer The excitement of commencement is a real joy to me. I think of it as a time we get to celebrate people, hard work and success. For graduates at WGU Missouri, this is often a party that has been a long time coming and brings an

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