March 2017

My favorite thing about working at WGU Missouri would be the incredible structure and affordability of the degree programs we offer.

Sarah is a working mom who is making her dream come true by getting her college degree. An obituary editor and classified advertising assistant at St. Joseph News Press, Sarah is the perfect example of how WGU Missouri improves lives.

WGU Missouri student Dustin Beasley had been making plans to go to school and earn his bachelor’s degree for a few years before he enrolled in WGU Missouri’s business management program in January 2016. Having completed 30 college credit hours after finishing high school 12 years ago, Dustin wanted to

Application & recall is a good test of learning. Here's a trick to make lessons stick.

The field of IT requires special skills, but not every professional invests in a key set that can keep them ahead. Here's a few extra steps to consider.

Love the field of healthcare but aren't sure of an advanced path, this info can help you.

Job growth varies. Where is your job on the 2017 list of highest paying positions?

We all want to know how to jump ahead of the pack - take the lead. Take a few lessons from the many who have found one way to fearlessly change their position in life.

Special resource for working adults makes it possible to change amidst busiest times.

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