June 2014

Centene Corp. is a WGU Missouri partner, and its employees receive a 5% discount on WGU’s already-low tuition. WGU Missouri’s competency-based programs use IT certification tests as assessments where feasible, providing students with certifications at no extra cost. At a lunch-and-learn on Tuesday, June 24 rd , Centene employees can

The Teachers College at Western Governors University, the parent institution of WGU Missouri, has been named one of the best in the nation for teacher-preparation programs. The National Council on Teacher Quality’s annual assessment of the nation's 2,400 teacher prep programs called WGU: No. 1 in secondary education … No.

To embed this infographic on your site or within a blog post (Copy and paste this code): <a href="http://missouri.wgu.edu/blogpost/benefits-advanced-nursing-degree" target="_blank"><img src="https://missouri.wgu.edu/sites/missouri.wgu.edu/files/MO_Nursing.jpg" border="0" alt="ROI of an Online Nursing Degree" /></a><p style="text-align:center;"><a href="http://missouri.wgu.edu/online_it_degrees/programs">Brought to you by WGU Missouri</a></p> WGU Missouri is a nonprofit, accredited, online university. WGU Missouri offers bachelor's and master's

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