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WGU Missouri Partners with KC Scholars to Offer Free Tuition

News Brief - 2/21/17

WGU Missouri Partners with KC Scholars to Offer Free Tuition

KANSAS CITY — WGU Missouri has partnered with KC Scholars, a scholarship and college savings program created by the Kauffman Foundation and more than 70 community members. WGU Missouri will waive any tuition not covered by federal financial aid for students who are awarded the KC Scholars Adult Learner Scholarship, a $5,000 per year renewable scholarship available to adult learners with low to moderate income. The deadline to apply is March 3, 2017.

“WGU Missouri is excited to partner with KC Scholars to advance our mission of expanding access to affordable, quality education for working Missourians,” said WGU Missouri Chancellor Angie Besendorfer. “Being able to provide a tuition free degree is a game-changer and we are excited to bring this exceptional offer to adults interested in enhancing their life and career with a college degree.”

All WGU Missouri degree programs are competency-based, providing the flexibility that nontraditional students need. Designed with employer input to meet the needs of adult learners, competency-based education allows students to take advantage of their knowledge and real-world experience to move quickly through material they already know so they can focus on what they still need to learn. WGU Missouri faculty members work one-on-one with students as mentors, offering guidance, support, and individualized instruction. While WGU Missouri’s degree programs are rigorous and challenging, competency-based learning makes it possible for students to accelerate their programs, saving both time and money. Visit WGU Missouri’s website at to learn more.

To find out more information, including eligibility requirements, for the KC Scholars Adult Learner Scholarship, visit the KC Scholars website at

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