Because You Deserve It

Misty changed her life at WGU. When she describes her experience, she says, "Education was the only way... When I heard that WGU was flexible, that it was affordable, and that my learning would be competency-based, there was no other option."

Accreditations & Affiliations

WGU Missouri Student Portrait

Enrollments by College June 30, 2017
College of Business 1,070
Teachers College 542
College of Information Technology 351
College of Health Professions 462
Total 2,425
"WGU Missouri’s advantage is its flexibility. The education itself is top-notch, and the flexibility allows busy people to get through school. I recommend WGU to everybody, particularly in IT fields. The certifications you get at WGU are fantastic – some of the best in the industry."Ken Krauss,
M.S. Information Security and Assurance, Kansas City

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